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After struggling to build wealth early in my career while following traditional financial advice, I set out on a path to learn about investing. Over a decade later, I’m financially secure and working towards full financial independence through real estate and the…

Why I don’t max out my 401k and other secrets to building wealth

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When I first started my adult life, I believed the standard middle-class narrative that a good job, a house, and a 401k were the secret to a good life. …

A walk through my process

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Before the locked last year, my focus for stock investing was low-cost index funds. I knew the market wasn’t always efficient, but I wasn’t sure how to take advantage of it when it wasn’t.

During the crash, I was prepared to buy with cash on the side. The problem was…

Unconventional truths about wealth

Cartoon with one hand holding a small house, trading it with another hand that is holding money.
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Before I learned about money and building wealth, I used to think that owning a big, nice house was a great way to get ahead. Not only would I have a great place to live, but I would be getting rich by building equity at the same time.

The problem…

A personal story on using assets to build wealth.

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My family and I live overseas, where I work as an engineer. Working overseas has its benefits in terms of seeing the world and getting a higher salary, but there are some downsides as well.

One obvious disadvantage is healthcare, especially since we have lived in Africa for the past…

The risks of trying to get around fiat currency.

Man with a video set up is holding a physical Bitcoin and giving a thumbs-down sign in front of a desk with papers, graphs, laptop, ring light, etc.
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I don’t own Bitcoin, nor am I an expert, but I do follow its journey from a distance. This morning a story came across my newsfeed from Yahoo! Finance titled: “.”

This is…

Why does the humble single-family rental house trump other investment options?

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There are many ways to get rich in life. Some people invest in the stock market, others start a business or buy crypto. …

How to think like an investor.

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The S&P 500 has dropped about 5% below its peak yesterday, generating some alarm in the media:

“Anticipated Correction Unfolding,” says FX Empire

“Fortunes Tumble From Seattle to Shenzhen in $135 Billion Wipeout,” says Bloomberg

“This is why September stinks for stocks,” says Yahoo…

How I learned that the corporate ladder hurts you financially.

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As someone from a middle-class family, I grew up thinking that the way to get rich was to climb the corporate ladder. When I entered the workforce as an engineer, I devoted my time and energy to my job, working to get good performance reviews and promotions.

I changed companies…

And one that can make you rich.

Cartoon of a man struggling with a bag labeled ‘debt’ and small coins that are eating dollars.
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No matter how you look at it, debt is powerful. It can be a force for good or bad, depending on how you use it.

As fellow author Sam Dixon Brown recently wrote in his article , most debt, at least as it is used by…

Building Arks with Jason Clendenen

Self-taught investor helping busy professionals learn how to ignore mainstream advice and build real wealth. Build your ark today!

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