Idea challenge part 1.

Photo by Pixabay

Today I will start an exercise where I go through the problems listed in the first article and brainstorm solutions.

These solutions don’t have to be perfect, just some way that might help solve the problem, adding value to society.

I will start with climate change.

Weather is a complicated thing, but it seems fairly certain that human activity is impacting it in negative ways.

Here are my 10 ideas that can help with climate change:

  1. Carbon tax
  2. Funding for research into alternative energies
  3. More nuclear power
  4. Tax credits for low-carbon solutions
  5. Remote work
  6. Planting trees
  7. Funding for new tech to capture carbon
  8. Drought resistant crops
  9. Flood management in coastal areas
  10. Climate-related insurance

Post 10 solutions to a problem in the comments below.

The first article:



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