Many people 'invest' like they are gambling because they don't know what they are doing. But if you study and learn before throwing money at something, you are much more likely to be successful. And as you practice, you can get better. Luck cannot be improved by study and practice. You do have to be willing to take risks, but intelligent risks that you can only discern through study and experience. Risk is not knowing what you are doing, and I have seen it proved time and time again both through my own mistakes and the mistakes of others. To beleive that people like Warren Buffett of Jeff Bezos are only rich because they are lucky and has nothing to do with how hard they worked to learn and get better, is a pretty cynical view of life. We can all improve our situation through knowledge and action. Believing otherwise holds many people back from success.

Self-taught investor helping busy professionals learn how to ignore mainstream advice and build real wealth. Build your ark today!

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