Marc, I want to clarify a few things. Leon Cooperman's quote on attacking wealthy people had nothing to do with GameStop. It was about taxes. Cooperman said the small investors can do what they want, but he is afraid it will end poorly for most of them.

Leon grew up poor, the son of a plumber in the Bronx, and he's also pledge to give away all of his money. He wasn't defending hedge funds at all. I have seen his interview be very misused, unfortunately.

The hedge funds made a bet and lost, that is the risk they took. Bringing out the pitchforks and threatening their children, like some did, is not ok.

Short sells serve an important market function to help prevent speculative bubbles from getting out of control. Without them, the market is crazier than with them.

I'm not crying that they lost money. I'm crying that people are up in arms about this situation. It reminds me of the invasion of the capitol building. Too much emotion and anger, mostly based on not understanding how things work (like trading halts, etc).

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