Opher, thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. 401k plans are much more limited in investment options. It is almost impossible to own physical real estate, for example, which is one way I beat the market without frequent selling and incurring taxes. Trading isn’t the only way to beat the market.

I agree that 401k plans have many advantages, and I have maxed mine out for years. But it wasn’t until I started investing outside of my 401k that I really started making progress towards financial freedom.

A 401k helps with conventional retirement planning, and many people need the structure and rules that prevent them from making bad decisions. But with some financial education, it is easy to do much better outside the 401k and then have the flexibility to use that money as you see fit.

No 401k can help me retire at age 45, but my outside investments can. If I only focused on 401k plans, which is the traditional advice, then I would be much poorer today than I am.

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