Paul, I understand your concern, but I have a few issues with your proposal. #1 is that money is not finite, and I disagree that for someone to be rich, someone else must be poor. When a poor person becomes wealthy, a rich person doesn't have to lose wealth for that to happen. This mindset is false. People can get rich together and do all the time. #2 Many billionairs donate their money to worth causes, just look at Bill Gates and Warren Buffett (who has agreed to give away 99% of his wealth). #3 Big government and NGO programs often times are VERY ineffective and waste tons of money. I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Cameroon, and I can't tell you how many empty buildings, locked libraries, and dusty science labs I saw that were built by NGO's and had zero impact. Bill Gates is doing more for Africa than most orzinazations. #4 the best way to bring people out of poverty is through economic expansion, which requires billionaires to build businesses to solve problems and create jobs. Governments and NGOs cannot replace this function in society.

If you really want to imporve the world, you would look for ways to invest in companies in Africa and work on having many more billionaires in the world, not less. Also, helping ordinary folks get a financial education so that they too can grow wealth could have great impact.

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