People are always trying to get rich quick without hard work. Bitcoin is a lottery investment, where people hope that they get rich by throwing in some money. Some may get rich, but my bet is many lose a lot.

Bitcoin is not a currency as originally envisioned and designed, the source code has been changed to ensure that as it cannot handle many simultaneous transactions. The source code can also be changed to alter the number of coins available.

Bitcoin is not a store of value as it is extremely volatile. Bitcoin is not an inflation hedge as there is no correlation between inflation and the price of Bitcoin. Only someone living in Zimbabwe or a similar hyper-inflation world would find Bitcoin useful as an inflation hedge, but of course, they don't have access or money to buy it.

It is a speculative bet to get rich quick - that is the only real use of bitcoin. Even Elon Musk just said bitcoin is BS, just a tiny bit less BS than cash. And that is AFTER he bought a bunch.

Many investments are much less BS than fiat currency and less so than Bitcoin as well.

If you like the idea of Bitcoin and want to speculate with a small part of your portfolio, then go for it, just understand that you are putting money into something that is high risk and highly uncertain, so don't bet the kid's college fund.

As Grant Cardone says "I don't want to get rich quick, I want to get rich for sure."

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