Thanks for reading and for the thoughtful response. Glamour stocks like Tesla are certainly speculation as well, no doubt about it. I can’t say how much people are allocating to Bitcoin, but I fear it is more than a small 5% like you have wisely done. I have certainly seen stories about folks going all in on Tesla, taking out loans to buy Tesla stock. The same thing happened with GameStop. This is the problem when “investing” with emotion, regardless of it being Bitcoin or anything else. When I and others write questions like this about Bitcoin, we usually get a lot of people yelling that we “just don’t get it” or “have fun staying poor”. In general, in my experience, any investment that is so emotional and also so volatile is a recipe for disappointment. Just knowing something about human behavior, people are out there today going all in on Bitcoin at all time highs. I can’t say these people are investing, and I’m afraid they will learn the hard way like so many did with GameStop and likely will with Tesla too.

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