Thanks for the discussion. I agree that index funds are not a path to get rich quickly. They are a way to build wealth over time and fairly low-risk, but true they do not provide much cash flow. If you want to do better in the stock market, you can read “Security Analysis” by Benjamin Graham. My stock portfolio pays around 7% to 8% dividends, which is not bad. I also sell options (insurance) for cash flow. There are many ways, you just have to learn about them.

My main source of wealth is real estate, but I got the money to invest from a day job. It takes energy and time to do well at anything, including business. You are unlikely to replace your income overnight. It can take years, and there will be good times and bad.

As Grant Cardone says, “I don’t want to get rich quick, I want to get rich for sure.”

Good luck!

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