The Insider’s Guide To Building Wealth

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  • Mainstream Financial Advice Will Make You Poor
  • How (And Why) I Built 4 Streams Of Income
  • Who Is Right, Dave Ramsey Or Robert Kiyosaki?
  • The #1 Investing Tip For Middle-Class Professionals Struggling To Build Wealth
  • Why Buying A Home Is NOT Investing
  • My 6-Figure Passive Income Plan
  • And many more!

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It has a 5/5 star rating on Gumroad!

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What are people saying?

Special thanks to those who helped review and provide feedback on the book before release, including my fellow Medium authors U-Ming Lee and Carl Westerby.

They helped me to make it better for you!

Here is some of the feedback I’ve received so far:

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Building Arks

After struggling to build wealth early in my career while following traditional financial advice, I set out on a path to learn about investing. Over a decade later, I’m financially secure and working towards full financial independence through real estate and the stock market. I have succeeded in building my financial ark to help me weather whatever storms may come.

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Building Arks with Jason Clendenen

Building Arks with Jason Clendenen

Self-taught investor helping busy professionals learn how to ignore mainstream advice and build real wealth.